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Welcome to the official website of the Intelligent Design of Wireless Communication Networks (DIRICOM), financed by the regional ministry for Innovation, Science and Business (P07-TIC-03044).

The andalousian society, as well as the national and international in general, are expierencing a clear progress in the area of wireless communications. This reflects directly on the kinds of systems accessible to individuals and organisms. In addition to well-established systems as mobile telephony, new means of communication between persons or between modern devices (laptops, PDAs) are appearing that pose big challenges to science and technique. In particular, we are referring to the new advances in 2G/3G telephony as representatives of networks with infrastructure and service provider, as well as new ad hoc networks which require no infrastructure, all of them bringing new possibilities for work in academy and industry.


This project will tackle design problems for networks of the mentioned types using metaheuristics and classical techniques when necessary. We propose the use of intelligent design techniques for various problems, specially wireless networks due to their big impact in society, not only at an academic level. In addition, we will involve other work domains such as Computer Science, Mathematics, etc.




More Information, Papers, and New Results:


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Época. Journal Interview

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